Wen-Tso Ho

Assistant Professor



Office: CS823

Tel: ext.2194 #831

Email: wentsoho@kmu.edu.tw





Ph.D. in Psychology, National Taiwan University


Current Position

Vice secretary-in-general of the Taiwanese Psychological Association, 2021-present


Professional experiences

Secretary of the Taiwanese Psychological Association, 2019-2020

Lecturer of Psychology of the Basic Humanities and Social Sciences Training Program for High School Students



Personality psychology, indigenous psychology, emotion regulation, intimacy, parent-child relationship



Interpersonal Emotion Regulation Laboratory

The theme of this laboratory study is emotion regulation in interpersonal relationships, which explores how both partners in intimate and parent-child relationships regulate their emotions through interpersonal interactions when they feel negative emotions. Interpersonal interactions are progressively constructed processes, and it is expected to identify the key elements of the process that influence emotion regulation and to understand how an individual's emotion regulation leads to success or failure. In addition, interpersonal interactions are embedded in culture and need to be proactively incorporated into Chinese culture to develop theories that meet needs. The lab welcomes master's students and undergraduates.


Participating Societies

Taiwanese Psychological Association



Dean's Award for Ph.D. Program, College of Science, National Taiwan University

MOST 2019 Doctoral Dissertation Award (for doctoral candidates to write doctoral dissertations)

Dean's Award, College of Science, National Taiwan University

Research and Creative Writing Award for College Student Research Project, Ministry of Science and Technology



Journal Articles

Louise Sundararajan, Michael S-T. Wu, Wen-Tso Ho, Jun Cai Sun, Chin Pang Leung, & Grant J. Rich (2021). Expanding our Kind: A Pan-Cultural Study of the Animistic principle of Ontological Parity. The Humanistic Psychologist. (PsycARTICLES)

Louise Sundararajan & Wen-Tso Ho (2020). Order against the tide of Entropy: Self-Distancing in Expressive Writing explained. The Humanistic Psychologist, 48, 183-201. (PsycARTICLES)

Louise Sundararajan, Kuang-Hui Yeh, & Wen-Tso Ho (2020). From Regulation to Refinement of Emotions: Indigenization of ERQ (Emotion Regulation Questionnaire) in Taiwan. Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology, 40(3), 155–173. (PsycARTICLES)




何文澤、葉光輝、呂婕、Louise Sundararajan(2017):〈適當表達:親子衝突中的情緒精鍊〉。《本土心理學研究》,48,57-119。(TSSCI)


Conference papers



Wen-Tso Ho, Kuang-Hui Yeh (2019, July). A Dual Process Model of Emotion Regulation in Interpersonal Context [Oral presentation]. 13th Biennial Conference of the Asian Association of Social Psychology, Taipei, Taiwan.


Wen-Tso Ho, Kuang-Hui Yeh (2017, Aug). The effect of deep emotional expression on the relationship between aging parents and adult children [Oral presentation]. 12th Biennial Conference of the Asian Association of Social Psychology, Auckland, New Zealand.

Louise Sundararajan, Jun Cai Sun, Wen-Tso Ho, Grant J. Rich (2017, Jul). Priming the Mind to see its Double: Testing a Chinese version of Empathy across Cultures [Oral presentation]. International Society for Research on Emotions, St. Louis, USA.


Wen-Tso Ho, Kuang-Hui Yeh (2015, Aug). The Influence of Perspectives of parent-adolescent conflict and its impact on emotion regulation strategy [Oral presentation]. 11th Biennial conference of Asia association of social psychology, Cebu, Philippines.


Wen-Tso Ho, Chieh Lu, Kuang-Hui Yeh, Louise Sundararajan (2014, Aug). Proper Voice: Emotion Refinement in Parent-Child Conflict [Symposium presentation]. American psychological association annual convention, Washington, D.C., USA.

何文澤、呂婕、葉光輝(2013年08月)。Speaking the Truth in Love: An Interpersonal Emotion Regulation in Parent-child Conflicts(口頭發表論文)。第八屆華人心理學家研討會,北京,中國。

呂婕、何文澤、葉光輝(2012年10月):〈親子衝突情境下青少年的情緒調控策略對個人身心適應的效果〉(Symposium presentation)。第51屆台灣心理學年會,台中,臺灣。



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