To apply psychological knowledge to practical or research issues, our department offers the compulsory course "Psychological Practice and Internship" in the first semester of the fourth year.

This course primarily involves internship or research in various forms, guided by organizations or department faculty. Students may choose to intern at psychological-related institutions to understand the application of psychology in real-life issues and explore future career paths. Alternatively, under faculty guidance, they can research specific psychological topics. Through this course, students integrate their four years of psychological knowledge and practice linking psychological knowledge with life or future careers.

Internship opportunities in 2024 include:

  • Nan Shan Life Insurance Co., Ltd.: Experience in insurance work, learning marketing skills and financial concepts, participating in occupational aptitude tests and training programs, with a chance to earn NT$5,000 dream money and a personal insurance license.
  • Chishan Lohas Co., Ltd.: Participation in board game development projects, responsible for literature review, content creation, and video editing, enhancing design thinking, logical expression, and teamwork skills to find a balance for a happy life.
  • Kaohsiung Hearing Association: Understanding the needs of the hearing impaired, participating in supportive employment services, campus accessibility advocacy, summer camps, learning vocational rehabilitation, enhancing independent living, and teamwork skills.
  • Happiness Light Technology Co., Ltd.: Designing immersive psychology-based experiential activities, responsible for literature review, activity proposal creation, and online course editing, enjoying autonomy and flat organizational structure, and applying psychology to help others.
  • Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Psychiatry Department: Internship in clinical psychologist duties required fully participating in training courses arranged by the hospital. Applicants must be passionate about clinical psychology and have completed Abnormal Psychology.

Faculty-led projects in 2024 include:

  • Professor Su Wen-So: Clinical/Forensic Psychology Project. In-depth exploration of clinical and forensic psychology research topics through group discussions and presentations. Requires enthusiasm for the topic, ability to read English literature, and ability to write reports in APA format, with prior completion of Abnormal Psychology.
  • Professor Wang Wei-Han: Clinical Neuropsychology and Assessment Project. Understanding central nervous system-related diseases and clinical neuropsychological assessment tools through literature reading, classroom teaching, and oral presentations, practical neuropsychological testing, and submission of assessment reports.
  • Professor Yeh Pei-Wen: Social and Emotional Development Project. Exploring empathy, theory of mind, and self-concept from the cognitive neuroscience perspective through group presentations and online discussions, writing literature reviews, and sharing research findings at the end of the term.
  • Professor Cheng Yi-Ling: Study Abroad and Data Analysis Project. Preparation of study abroad documents and data analysis reports, requiring completion of basic statistics or advanced statistics courses, personal study abroad application documents, and data analysis research reports during the project.
  • Professor Ho Wen-Tso: Intimate Relationships and Family Project. Discussing issues related to parent-child relationships, partner relationships, emotional regulation, etc. Students must identify their own topics of interest and write research proposals as project reports.
  • Professor Lin Chin-Hung: Cognitive Neuroscience Project. Writing a research plan related to cognitive neuroscience as a project report.
  • Professor Wu Chin-Chin: Self-Interest Topic Project. Exploring personal interest topics through literature reading, whether related to children or adults, writing research plans, and preparing project reports.
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